Create your own vintage blog!

vintage blog

I get asked a lot about how people can create their own vintage blog and share their own thoughts, ideas, and favourite pieces! In this post I’ll cover the steps that I used to create my blog.

Purchase Hosting

This is going to be your most flexible option, as it allows you to have your own domain name (like!) and you can set up whatever kind of blogging software you would like. There are a lot of different web hosts out there and they all have pros and cons, personally I have used iPage for years and have always received great service and been able to accomplish what I wanted to. If you already have hosting with them and want to save a little extra money for the future this page has iPage coupon codes and promotional offers. If not, there are lots of discounts for new iPage sign ups as well!

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Install Blog Software

Once you’ve purchased your hosting from GoDaddy it’s really easy to install any of a variety of blogging software and content management systems. I use the WordPress system (it’s running this website!) as I find it to be extremely versatile and well supported. You can choose from thousands of beautiful free templates for your website, and there are so many different plugins for photo galleries, product listings, contact forms, forums, and much more. Here is a quick tutorial on how to setup WordPress on your GoDaddy hosting:

Once it’s all set adding themes and plugins is very simple, as this video will show you:

WordPress is very flexible, you will be able to customize the look and feel of your site as much as you want. They have excellent documentation and help forums on the WordPress website.

Start writing!

No matter how technically challenged you feel, believe it or not this will be the most difficult part! Creating content for your site on a regular basis is no easy task. There will be times that you are busy with the rest of your life, times where you are lacking in motivation or ideas, or you have a cold or some other ailment getting in the way of your writing. The frequency with which you update your blog is up to you, but you should try to stick to a regular schedule (ie. weekly, Mondays and Thursdays, every other Friday) so that your readers know when to check for new content. A good idea is to keep a list of ideas and topics that you’d like to write about. When it comes time to work on a new article go through your list and pick whatever you feel most excited to write about. You can schedule posts in WordPress, so you can spend a day knocking out a few articles and setting them up ahead of time. This is a great idea if you are going on vacation, or know you will have a busy period coming up and won’t have time to write. You should aim for a minimum of about 300 words per article, and pictures are great! Just make sure you have the proper permission to use them. Remember to check for istockphoto special offers, you can usually save yourself at least a little money!

Good luck, and have fun!

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Vintage Dress Patterns

vintage dresses

The problem I find with purchasing vintage dresses from mass retailers is that you don’t get exactly what you want in terms of style or print, it will likely need to adjusted or altered to fit properly anyways, and you’ll end up at events with the same dress as three other girls. Fair warning, sewing and dressmaking isn’t the easiest hobby in the world, but once you learn the basics you can create all kinds of cute outfits that will be 100% unique to you!

Pattern Resources

You can find lots of vintage dress patterns on Ebay, Butterick has a vintage pattern section, and so does Simplicity. Several Etsy retailers offer vintage patters, either literally old patterns or custom ones that they have created. You might be able to find what you need at MOMSPatterns, but they do have a limited amount of patterns.

Really make sure to measure and check the sizing on vintage patterns, as standard sizing has changed considerably in the past 60+ years! If you need to adjust the pattern to be plus size, you may find the video below helpful.

Vintage Sewing Techniques

In my opinion it’s definitely worth it to invest in a book that illustrates vintage sewing techniques, particularly if you are a novice when it comes to sewing. Here are a few that I’d recommend:

Laura After Midnight has a fantastic tutorials section on vintage sewing techniques, I’d highly recommend taking a look through there as well.

Fabrics and Notions

You don’t have to use vintage fabric to sew a vintage pattern, as long as you are using the same type of fabric suggested on the pattern or something similar you will be fine. If you are a purist and really want to use vintage fabric it can often be found at thrift shops, yard sales, church sales, estate sales, or in your parents or grandparents closet!

Get creative and have fun!

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 2014

This past Easter long weekend was the 17th annual Viva Las Vegas weekend, a big music festival, car show, burlesque show, pin-up competition, and celebration of all things Rockabilly! Headliners this year included the amazing Imelda May, The Trashmen, Los Straightjackets, The Chop Tops, The Aquasonics, The Sun Rockabilly Show: Sunny Burgess + Carl Mann + Hayden Thompson + Narvel Felts.The burlesque show this year attracted many international stars including Immodesty Blaize, Dirty Martini, Roxi D’Lite, Angie Pontani, Cleo Viper, and more. It’s one of the biggest events of the year for the vintage community, a great place to people watch and to be seen! Men and women bring out their best vintage and rockabilly looks for this event, you’ll never see more pin-up girls and greasers all in one place.

Frankie Tease Magazine (a fabulous magazine that also runs a podcast and website that covers lots of vintage, rockabilly, and burlesque events) was there and took lots of lovely photos of the people, fashion, and cars! They have photos from the musical acts, burlesque bingo, pin-up fashion show, Sailor Jerry tattoo area, and burlesque showcase.

[AFG_gallery id=’1′]

If you missed the event this year you should try to make it for next Spring! Las Vegas is lovely in April, you’ll get to see some amazing styles, and hear some of the best live music around!

Speaking of rockabilly music, the best way to hear it is live of course, but in between festivals you’ll need to get your fix another way. If you’re a big audiophile it definitely pays off to invest in a pair of quality headphones. You might not have to spend as much as you think, you can get some great headphones for under $100. Once you hear the difference between your old little earbuds and a higher quality pair of headphones you won’t be able to go back! The bass is way richer, the guitars have much more twang, and it’s the next best thing to watching the band play live.