Here at Classy Classical we love all things vintage! Vintage fashion, furniture, fabrics, music, and more.

As a child I used to putz around in my aunt and uncle’s antique store, I was fascinated by all the well loved furniture and appliances. I liked to imagine the different homes and lives that the pieces had been a part of before they found their way to the store. I remember many a Sunday afternoon in my childhood spent at the store combing through the store to find my favourite pieces and making up life stories for them.

As a teenager I became very interested in hair and makeup, and I felt the vintage bug calling my name again. I became very adept at setting my hair in pin curls and drawing on winged eyeliner. Vintage clothing was a lot harder to come by back then so I got pretty good at sewing my own with patterns that I had found at garage sales or had given to me by my grandmother and other family friends. I ended up studying hair and makeup at school and making a career out of it! Most of my work is in editorial fashion, but my own personal style is very vintage and I enjoy working on pinup or other vintage shoots whenever I can.

My home is decorated almost entirely in vintage furniture that has been found and lovingly restored by me. My aunt and uncle don’t have their shop anymore, but I spend a lot of time searching through thrift and antique stores near and far to find the right pieces. Upcycling antique furniture is a fun hobby, and great for the environment! Most of my home is in pastels, of course!

Wearing vintage clothes can be pretty expensive, but I love the thrill of the hunt of shopping in thrift stores! You never know when you will find something amazing, and usually for a good price! I hope you like the site!

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